Trying to be a Good Grandmother

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I try to be a good grandmother. I make needlepoint pillows for every child and bake lots of cakes and cookies. But there are other limits. My granddaughter wants a trampoline but I am afraid to get it–I don’t want her to get hurt. I wonder if a toddler can safely use a mini trampoline at home and so I look at reviews and conduct some research. The reviews are very positive and parents openly state that their kids love to jump. They find that a quality product is reliable and won’t come apart after considerable use. Kids can share trampolines with siblings and friends. Young ones are guaranteed a good time. I am pleased with what I read, but I still must decide.

I like to spoil the kids and I really want to buy the child-size trampoline. I have seen tons of kids doing it in the park and on the playground, but perhaps there is an age when a kid can start. The manufacturer has some words on the subject and the pamphlet that comes with the device designates the age of four. That seems pretty young, but then again it is a very small version. There are instructions as follows:

  • Set up the mini trampoline in an open space. Make sure there is room all around in case the child falls off. The mat is close to the ground and the rim is soft rubber so injuries from the trampoline are unlikely.
  • Stay with the child while he or she is learning to jump in the center of the mat.
  • Do not carry or hold the child while you bounce. It will push you off balance.
  • Show your child pictures illustrating how to jump up and down. If he or she is ambitious, they can tuck their knees under them. If they land on the knees, they will not get hurt. It might be a bit uncomfortable to hit the rubber rim if they fall forward. Try to keep them in an upright position.

If these instructions are not too intimidating, and they sound fine, then it seems possible that the trampoline as a toy is safe enough. I think I will go for it. The gadget comes to your home from the online supplier and there is no assembly involved. You have a choice of colors, and for a girl, I chose hot pink. For a boy, there is yellow, green, and blue. When the package arrived, I posted a photo of it on Facebook and my daughter offered to come over and help me open it. She was going to bring my granddaughter over too, which was who I really bought it for.

I wanted to enhance the surprise. Her eyes widened as we pulled out the mini trampoline. It took about two minutes to set up as I had already scouted out the perfect spot in an open space in the living room. It took about one more minute for her to decide to jump on—no fear at all. I had to drag her down with the lure of fresh-baked cookies.