More Than Just a Hobby

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Some people have hobbies; things they enjoy doing. A reason to get up in the morning when you get to be my age is a good thing. Sometimes it is even it is something we can make money at, sometimes not. Either way, it is an enjoyable way to pass the time and something we love to do whenever we get a chance. I would say, however, that needlepoint has been something more than a hobby for me.

Needlepoint keeps me busy. I am one of those people who must be doing something just about all the time. I went straight from school to keeping houseandhaving kids. There were always groceries to be purchased, meals to be prepared, a pile of laundry to be done, a home to clean. Now that most of that is done with, my kids are always trying to get me to slow down. It seems that at “my age,” I should be relaxing. No thank you. Giving me a needlepoint project gives me something to do with my hands and focuses my energies. It keeps my mind sharp and my fingers strong.

It also gives me a creative outlet. I like to use all my leftover thread in designs of my own creation. It is actually a lot of fun and I enjoy expressing myself this way. I do also like to find kits to make. Sometimes I can be in the craft store for hours trying to decide on my next project. I will often walk out with more than one. I also love seeing the picture start to emerge as I work my way through the design.

For me, there is also a social aspect to needlepoint. I have some friends at the senior center and we all get together to work on projects. Now that my kids are all grown and have families of their own, I often find myself missing conversation and companionship. So once a week, I go down to the center. Us girls sit around and work on our crafts while we chat. I love it. I also have this blog, where I hope to talk to others who are like-minded.

Another blessing I have found is that needlepoint allows me to show my family that I care about them. Nothing says love like making a gift for someone—a labor intensive, beautiful gift. I have been making handmade gifts for family and friends since I was put on bedrest when I was pregnant with my first child. It may not be everyone’s first choice in home décor, I know. I have found that around the holidays or for the birth of babies, my gifts are always well-received. Of course, I try to find a project that will appeal to the person I want to give something to, which is time-consuming but very worth it for me. And because they love me too, if they wouldn’t necessarily choose the gift for themselves, they still appreciate the time and effort that went into creating a one of a kind gift.

So I think needlepoint deserves to be elevated above hobby status for me. Maybe it’s more like a calling.