Keeping Busy

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You might think that a room full of women doing needlepoint would be a boring place to spend the day, but you obviously have never spent time with me and my friends at the senior center. Sure, we can sit quietly and stitch all day—and at our age, we’ve earned that right a dozen times over—but we can also give a gossipy group of teenage girls a run for their money. We stitch, we chat, we laugh. It is always nice to get out and be around other people. Especially talented, friendly people who share an interest with you. I love my time at the senior center.I don’t know how much longer I will be able to drive, so I try to appreciate it while I still can.

For the last couple of weeks, the girls and I have been working on a time consuming but hugely important task. We are embroidering Christmas stockings that we will be donating to the local children’s hospital. A local Girl Scout troop has raised money to fill the stockings with little toys and treats. They will be delivering them to the children at the hospital a few days before Christmas. I think they will even be singing some carols to brighten the spirit of those poor little ones and their families. I was very lucky—my three were never so severely ill that they required an extended hospital stay, and never over a holiday. I can’t imagine how those children and their families must feel. If I can give them even a moment of cheer or feeling like a normal kid for just a little while, it is totally worth it to me.

We have done other projects for the hospital, too. We framed some needlepoint projects for them to decorate the rooms with, we’ve made pillows for the therapy rooms, knit hats and booties for the babies, and even made some quilts for the parents to use when they have to stay overnight. We have also made quilts for some of the other members of the senior center for when they are going through the chemotherapy or if they are transferred to an elder-care facility. Everyone needs comfort in some form, and nothing says love like something that is handmade with care.

I may be older now, and it has been hard to keep up with all of the new fancy technology that seems to change every minute. Every time I see my granddaughter, I ask her questions about how to keep up this blog. She always sits down with me to help. My eyesight is still ok, and on the days that my hands feel OK, I can still embroider like a champ. That is something I can still do, and I will do it as long as I can. I love to be able to contribute. When my little group donates our projects somewhere, it feels really good. It reminds me that I may be old but I still have a lot of worth.