Happy Anniversary to Us

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My husband is still rather romantic. So many women complain about a lack of romance in their lives after years of marriage, even good ones. I don’t have this problem I am happy to say. In fact, I wrote this blog to boast. I will tell you how it manifests itself in my family today. This blog is dedicated to the most thoughtful man in my life. We just had a thirtieth anniversary and I received a wonderful gift. He actually picked out a beautiful needlepoint pattern from my favorite shop. All the yarns were included. How sweet is this? He had only gone to the shop with me one time prior to this surprise visit. I imagine that he asked for help but I know that many of the canvases are on display. Others are on racks or in stacks on tables here and there. I wonder how much time he spent making his selection. I can just see it now. What a guy!

You must be asking, what did I give him for an anniversary present? How did I top his? I got something he really wanted: a glass door beer fridge. It isn’t a huge unwieldly unit that professionals use but just right for his needs at 2.7 cubic feet. They call this a countertop style. He likes to show off his bottled and canned beverages to friends so they can choose what they like. What a good host! He had absolutely hinted that he required the transparent door.

These units come in larger sizes and are used in markets, delis, and restaurants for takeout drinks. You see them all the time. Some store owners like to include tempting snacks in plain sight to encourage buying. Our fridge will be just for brew. This is my husband’s favorite beverage and he likes it very cold. Now he can exactly control the temperature in seconds. The fridge is perfectly reliable. A self-closing single glass door is the primary feature of this model. It saves the hassle of warm beer because someone didn’t push it enough. There is also a built-in lock if you have wayward teenagers. Fortunately, I don’t.

The fridge was stocked immediately after he opened the imposing package I set before him. Yes, I actually wrapped it on paper and topped it with a giant bow. I was thinking of buying the contents but realized that this would be a fun chore for my husband. There are three shelves to fill up with items of your choice. He calls it his “inventory.” It is nice looking as well with a rust-proof black frame—very sleek and modern. It is definitely not an eyesore in his man cave. Of course, it is well insulated to maintain the interior temperature you want from 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I noticed that it had a fan within the cabinet area to circulate air. Great engineering!